Shell Launches Satellite Tracking Systems

Oil giant Shell has deployed a satellite-based asset management system from Globalstar in the Netherlands to manage its movable assets on land and at sea, providing a ‘track and trace’ service to keep track of location and assist in managing certification.

The Alltrack track and trace solution, provided by Globalstar’s Dutch-based reseller Improvement-IT, incorporates QR codes, Globalstar’s SmartOne satellite asset manager and a cloud-based content management system.

The system has been integrated with Shell’s internal mapping software to precisely locate moving assets, while geo-fencing is used to confirm that they are in the right place.

To date, Shell has deployed 250 SmartOne devices attached to a variety of high value assets including pumps, tools, power supplies and generators, which may be on land, in containers, in transit or offshore.

Shell originally started by using 2D QR style codes to track down hole drilling tools for oil and gas platforms as they went into and out of its warehouses. Then, in 2015, Shell extended this facility to tracking assets being put into containers for transport or storage, and tracking them by GPS, communicating the containers’ status back to headquarters using Globalstar’s satellite network.

“Shell has very challenging asset management requirements as its equipment is used down wells and in environments with high pressure and temperature,” said Daan te Nuijl, managing director at Improvement IT.

“We created a specialist solution for Shell and chose the Globalstar network and technology for communications because of their reliability, security, low cost and ease of doing business with the company.”

“The deployment has gone smoothly and immediately started delivering benefits to Shell by cutting the time and cost involved in finding assets and ensuring the correct certifications were in place.”

Source: The Digitalship

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