Marlink Introduces Global VSAT Coverage through 60cm Antenna

At the Posidonia 2016, Marlink, one of the largest worldwide technology-independent satellite communication and digital solutions providers serving the maritime and enterprise markets, unveiled its Sealink VSAT which is now available with global coverage through 60 cm Ku-band antennas. Thousands of vessels that don’t have the space on board for a larger, heavier antenna can now utilise global maritime broadband services using a single, seamless service. This improved addition to Marlink’s extensive portfolio of multi-band communications services delivers throughput for high-end applications, enabling more vessels to benefit from i.e. remote monitoring and maintenance, first-class crew communication and IT based smart shipping solutions.

The new global coverage for 60 cm antennas enables Marlink to offer megabits of download speeds with guaranteed throughputs of up to 512 Kbps, globally at an affordable price. All of Marlink’s Sealink VSAT services are multi-band communication solutions, including upgrades to upcoming High Throughput Satellite services.

Sealink VSAT using 60 cm antennas introduces users to a true maritime broadband experience tailored perfectly to smaller vessels with specific requirements and budgets. 60 cm antennas are generally lighter and easier to transport, which reflects in lower installation costs. Additionally, 60 cm antennas generally cost less to procure, enabling more competitive procurement options for shipping companies. Being reliable and available globally, Sealink VSAT for 60 cm antennas is a unique service to deliver the benefits of maritime broadband to a wider range of users.

Source: Marlink

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