ATNS to Upgrade 50 Site In Africa With ND SatCom Tech


ND SatCom’s VSAT network that’s based on SKYWAN technology is being implemented by their customer, ATNS (Air Traffic Navigation Services), to the latter’s SADC2 and NAFISAT trans-African VSAT structures.


ATNS is in the process of upgrading 50 sites throughout Africa with equipment from ND SatCom. The previous generation of SKYWAN VSATs, installed in 2008, will be replaced by SKYWAN 7000 Mesh modems providing interfaces with ATS/DS, AFTN, VHF and Radar applications.

These ATNS networks fulfill the region’s communication requirements in terms of the ICAO Africa / Indian Ocean (AFI) plan by supplying fixed aeronautical ATS/DS, AFTN and ATN communications between main Air Traffic Control Centers in the SADC and NAFISAT Regions. ATNS and their regional partners are endeavoring to enhance safety and contribute to developing global aviation intelligence by implementing seamless aeronautical communication from Cape to Cairo.

Alexander Aschrafi, Senior Project Manager at ND SatCom, noted that the new SKYWAN technology was successfully tested for all services jointly with representatives from ATNS, with the network including VSAT modems for Mesh topology, access multiplexors and management applications to upgrade a previous installation. Higher throughput and OPEX savings are expected with the SKYWAN modem upgrade and the incorporation of the new RF amplifiers.

For those who will be attending IBC2016 in Amsterdam, ND SatCom will be in attendance with products a’plenty at Booth 5.A60.


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