Securenet Satcom Systems Limited (SSSL) was set up to provide satellite communications support for marine and terrestrial satellite communication systems in West Africa.

The company is made up of professionals with a passion for satellite communications and a commitment to high standards. What makes us different from other companies is that we’re committed to understanding the technology of each and every one of our clients and doing the job properly.

Our personnel

Our most important resource is the skill of our staff. The company is managed by telecommunication and satellite communication professionals and implements its support using a network of very talented engineers and technicians. We have engineers trained on the installation and maintenance of most of the popular satellite systems and we are continuously looking to work with equipment manufacturers on training our staff to support their equipment in West Africa.

Our location

We are based in the Wuse District of Abuja where our training and test labs are located. We have a liaison office in Port Harcourt. We employ and manage a pool of engineers who are based in Lagos and Port-Harcourt. To service our clients from other parts of the world, we also have administrative and business development presence in the UK.

Our Goals

Some of our immediate goals include:

  • We are continuously working to align our business processes with international best industry practice and aim to achieve ISO certification
  • We aim to become one of the leading telecommunications and IT companies in Nigeria providing satellite and terrestrial telecommunication solutions to the Nigerian telecoms, Power, Oil and Marine industries.
  • We plan on sharing our expertise by providing training opportunities to upcoming engineers from which we hope to find the next batch of engineers that will continue to provide our services while maintaining our service standards
  • We aim to extend our services to other West African countries and eventually, beyond West Africa.
  • We aim to continue to invest in training our staff to stay intouch with the most relevant emerging technologies with the aim of finding ways to use these advances in providing more efficient services to our clients.